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Thegrint kit for apple watch series ii. Simple savings with golfshot pro:

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I’m fairly new to the app, but i played a round and tracked all scores, putts, etc from the watch.


The grint apple watch sync. Pro stats designed for everyone. Check your scoring, putting, gir%, fir%, iron accuracy, scrambling and more! I have seen older reviews that report sync issues with the watch.

Wirelessly update golf courses on your compatible gps devices through a bluetooth. But after the last ios upgrade it won’t even pair with my apple watch. I got 3 friends to join and only got credit for 2.

Easy to use gps rangefinder that is adept for app+watch on more than 37,000 golf courses around the world 2. Have tried other scoring apps but the grint is definitely the most complete with 3d maps and handicap trends. Put away the pencil with digital scorecards and skins, nassau, and match play games.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses by looking at our benchmarked targets. If you haven't updated your grint app it may still work. Bluetooth integration with smartphone allows you to get course updates without needing to sync with a computer and you can receive call, messaging and calendar notifications on your watch.

Booking and savings made easy with up to 80% off golfnow tee times. · my pick for best free apple watch golf app: It has many other features (gps, stats, etc), but it really shines in the scoring and handicap categories.

Grint app on apple watch stopped working? The grint app said that i could get a free membership if i get 3 friends to join. It had a feature of garmin i sorely missed in the other apple apps:

Share tee time invites with your friends to set up a round. Apple smart watch enabled, bringing live scores, statistics and yardages to your watch as you play. When you arrived at the green, the watch display would automatically switch to scoring.

I open up a game, press sync, it comes up on the watch but i am unable to see distances or even add my score. Bushnell golf app for apple watch. Apple watch as gps tracker apple community.

I guess the only alternative is to break down and buy a golf gps watch and put the apple watch on the shelf during golf rounds. Apple watch golf apps demo. As long as you don't crave strokes gained or intuitive shot tracking, the grint is an excellent option for an apple watch scoring and gps.

Huge sync issue with apple watch. 4 hours ago more results. The last 6 weeks or so the watch would not sync up with the phone app or quit working.

You name the golf app with apple watch and i've tried it and have yet to have one actually work with my watch. We have designed the kit so that you can use your watch independently from your iphone, or in parallel. Common sync issue with apple watch, so have your phone nearby just in case.

The app for the last few months on the apple watch has stopped working for me. Then grint is the app that you are looking for. But they recently pushed out an app update that should kill it.

If you're a golfer you need this! 7 hours ago more results. The apple watch kit for thegrint is ready to be used, to track your score and check the gps when you go out to the golf course next time.

By crypto posted on august 27, 2021. But before you get there, see if all connections between the apple watch and iphone are enabled. The only reason i refrain from giving it 5 stars is that there’s a small bug with the watch app because it doesn’t sync automatically when i switch to the next hole on the iphone app and the watch app still shows the previous hole.

There is a whole of things you can do with your apple watch when you have the choice apps listed above. To force apple watch to sync with your iphone, you have to reset sync data. I would have to restart the app on the watch and start it again.

I touted the grint's app in my 2019 apple watch column, and i'm pleased to report they have rebuilt the apple watch app from the ground up and it's now faster and smoother than two years ago. I used my watch to track my score on this afternoons round, and the app is up to date. All i ever get is the thinking circle of death and the app never opens on the watch.

25 best apple watch apps for ultimate productivity in life. They are calculated from the millions of golf rounds in our database. Get all necessary stats with our easy and fast scoring app.

Keep track of your groups' scores in real time and compete against other with live scorekeeping 3. At this point i'm going with the grint (download it on the app store). It captures a few extra data points like missing left or right and hazards without requiring a premium subscription.

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